Disaster and Emergency Recovery Service

Disaster and Emergency Recovery

GIVIT Listed Ltd is now the only reliable source of exactly what is needed in disaster response and recovery. We work with local charities, community groups, the state government and councils in an affected area to help them obtain exactly what is needed, when it is needed.

The GIVIT platform matches donation offers with identified requests from a storm, fire, flood or cyclone affected region, thereby eliminating the need for organisations to store and sort unexpected donations.

GIVIT Listed Ltd can also accept donations of money. 100% of funds received by us during a disaster are spent on urgently needed items, and wherever possible, the items are purchased from businesses in the disaster-affected area to assist recovery of the local economy.



GIVIT Listed Ltd partners with the Queensland Government to manage all offers of donated goods and services, including corporate offers of assistance, following Queensland disasters and matches them with urgent requests received from government agencies, local services and community groups.

Through our online platform, the GIVIT team connects and inspires a network of givers to support the community as it manages immediate and long term needs of affected residents.

We also manage appeals for other tragic events in Queensland; previously hosting the Ravenshoe Café Explosion Appeal in 2015 and the Gold Coast Appeal after a fatal ride incident at Dreamworld in 2016.


Western Australia:

In partnership with the Bankwest Foundation, GIVIT Listed Ltd is established in Western Australia to help manage donated goods and services during the recovery of an emergency.

We know people want to give after the devastating effects of an emergency, and the GIVIT website helps direct that flow of generosity. After an emergency, the GIVIT website will list the exact items people in an affected community need at that time. Community groups, local service providers and the council appreciate assistance and, through the GIVIT website, will advise the best way to help.



The role of GIVIT Listed Ltd in appeals is to manage the donation of goods, services and financial donations to provide essential goods or assistance to people impacted by an emergency event.

We have distributed more than $1.52 million through appeals for devastated communities in Australia after natural disasters, house fires and other emergency events, including the Ravenshoe café explosion and the Dreamworld ride tragedy. Current campaigns can be found here.

GIVIT Listed Ltd partners with local councils, charities and community groups to provide items and assistance to vulnerable people impacted by an event. We do not work directly with affected individuals. Funds can be donated through the GIVIT website with 100% of money received, after bank charges, going towards the support of people directly affected.

GIVIT Listed Ltd works with key government and community members to ensure the most effective method of fairly distributing funds. A determination will be made whether an independent Appeal Distribution Committee is needed. This will be decided after assessment of relevant issues, including: the quantity of funds being donated, the number of people affected, views of the community and any concerns about the equity of access to assistance.

An Appeal Distribution Committee will include local representatives, GIVIT Listed Ltd, government and/or not-for-profit organisations who are independent and focused on the need to protect the interests of the local community.

Costs associated with attending meetings of an Appeal Distribution Committee will be the responsibility of the individuals present or the organisations they represent. No funds raised through an appeal will be used for this purpose.

An Appeal Distribution Committee will determine the method of disbursement of funds, including when, how, how much, and to whom. Consideration will be given to immediate and emerging needs. Funds are intended to assist those most in need, including those persons who will find it difficult to recover without assistance.


Corporate Donations and Support

GIVIT Listed Ltd manages corporate donations and freely distributes them to over 2,500 charities across Australia - and we guarantee these items go directly to charities and the people they support.

Are you upgrading mobile phones or laptops for your staff, moving to a new office, or have product samples to give away? Do your team members want to expand their corporate social responsibility? Partnering with the GIVIT platform makes giving easy - you can help multiple charities and people in need by donating in just one place!

The GIVIT team matched 109,023 items in 2016, with many of these coming from generous corporations and small businesses who were able to donate office furniture, computers, excess stock and product samples.

Let us do the legwork and match what you have to give with those who need it. Contact us at

With generous donors and help like yours, GIVIT Listed Ltd will continue to support community service providers to empower their clients and improve quality of life for Australia's most impoverished people.