Frequently Asked Questions

To donate, please go to and submit the relevant details of your item/s along with a corresponding photo. Once we have the information we need, the GIVIT team can list your donation offer on a private webpage for trusted charities to see and reserve.

You’ll receive an email containing the relevant charity’s contact details when your donation is reserved and you can then liaise directly with that charity to organise collection or delivery.

To donate towards a particular item request appearing on our website, click on the teal-coloured GIVIT button appearing next to it. Please complete the form that appears, then click GIVE ITEM.

When this happens, you’ll receive an automated email containing the requesting charity’s contact details. Likewise, they will receive your contact information and you can then liaise directly with them to organise donation collection or delivery.

Alternatively, you can have a look at active requests for items here - Simply narrow down the results by your postcode or the item you wish to donate.


Please note that GIVIT’s role in matching donations doesn’t extend to transporting or storing items. When you list your donation offer via our website you will have the option to select “pick up”, that way the charity worker who reserves your donation will know they will need to collect it from your location.

To donate, please go to and submit the relevant details of your item/s along with a corresponding photo. Once we have the information we need, the GIVIT team can list your donation offer on a private webpage for trusted charities to see and reserve.
Hopefully your item/s are reserved quite quickly but unfortunately we can’t guarantee this. You can still go ahead and list your donation offer along with a note about when your item needs/items need to be gone by, however GIVIT does typically ask our donors to be willing to hold on to their offered items for a minimum of two weeks. This is simply to allow charities time to liaise with their clients and to organise donation collection and delivery.

All you need to do is go to and complete the form. Once you submit this form, one of our team will be in touch to finalise details and make sure you're equipped with the know-how needed to use GIVIT. You will have access to our Virtual Warehouse where you can reserve donations offered by members of the public and also the ability to request items to help your clients in need.

GIVIT is willing to list most quality items for donation, with the exception of those which are listed on our Prohibited Items list which you can view here - To donate your items, all you need to do is go to and submit the details of each of your separate donations along with corresponding photos.
Charities registered with GIVIT have access to our Virtual Warehouse and will see when and where your items are available. They can reserve your donations for their clients in need and, when this happens, you'll receive an automated email containing the relevant charity's contact details. You can then liaise directly with the charity to organise their donation collection or delivery.
GIVIT provides the platform through which donors and charity needs are matched but all arrangements regarding transport and collection/delivery of goods take place between donors and charities themselves.

We are unable to assist individuals directly as the GIVIT portal has been designed to match donations with requests placed by trusted charity workers only. There are more than 2,900 charities currently registered with GIVIT, all of whom can request items on behalf of their clients. The best thing to do would be to get in touch with one of your local charities who are already registered with us so that they can place a request to assist you with your needs.
You can search for your local charities registered with GIVIT by visiting our Community Hub:

To ensure a coordinated approach to getting donations exactly where and when they are needed it is really important that you do not to send goods into affected areas without first being asked to do so.
By listing your items with GIVIT, charities and registered service organisations in the area will be able to see what you have available and contact you when they know where it needs to go. The GIVIT website removes the need for councils and charities to physically collect, sort and store donations, significantly reducing administrative and financial burden, as well as saving valuable resources for critical recovery activities.
Please do not deliver unsolicited items to emergency evacuation centres, community recovery hubs or affected areas. The list of needs on our website will change and grow over the over the course of a disaster period as requests come through to us. You can donate directly towards these by simply clicking the relevant GIVIT button and completing the donation form.
Better yet, it would be wonderful if you could collect money rather than items. 100% of received will be used to purchase essential needs within affected areas. This financial assistance is crucial as it enables GIVIT to purchase items for people in need but also ensures we support local businesses who have been similarly impacted by this event.

For more information on how to assist, visit and complete the relevant form. Once your form has been received, we can document your generous offer and keep an eye out for suitable matches between your skillset and services needed in recovery areas.

Unfortunately, GIVIT is unable to manage perishable food items. It’s best to contact FoodBank or Oz Harvest as they have the necessary systems to ensure your donation is safely managed and delivered. If you have non-perishable food items to donate, please list your offer on GIVIT’s website so all recovery services can see and reserve it if required by the people they’re supporting.

No. 100% of money received by GIVIT is used to purchase essential items requested by registered charities and recovery services. Needs are listed at Donations received are kept separate from GIVIT’s operational revenue. GIVIT wages and operational expenses are also funded separately by corporate sponsors and government contracts. We also do not deduct any administration fees from donated funds and are committed to purchasing locally wherever possible to support communities.

Absolutely! Funds received enable GIVIT to buy exactly what people need, when they need it. 100% of funds received will be used to purchase essential items and, wherever possible, spent locally to support businesses. Once you have completed your fundraising event and are ready to donate your funds, you can do so via Please ensure you select the relevant campaign you wish to support from the dropdown menu. If you would rather donate via a direct bank deposit, our bank details can also be found on this page.

No, you can take one photo that clearly shows all the items. This allows GIVIT to ensure the quality of the items being donated and also so our trusted charities can see the items and reserve if needed by their clients or service.