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Clothing voucher - $20

Male refugee who has fled a war-torn country, leaving his family behind. No work rights, no income, seeking desperate support

Elderly male refugee who has fled a war-torn country, leaving his family behind. Limited visa rights, no income, seeking desperate support.

This client is a 65-year-old male who is actively seeking employment on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, his age, visa rights, and language barrier make it difficult to secure a paid position.

Gifted with a generous heart and a can-do attitude; his goal is to find any work so that he can provide for his family back home.

The client is currently receiving a standard food hamper on a fortnightly basis, any donations is immensely appreciated.

At this difficult age, the client has pushed himself to study English in hopes to increase his chances in finding employment.

His gratitude is unmatched and his desire to become and active citizen of Australia is highly commendable.

With your help, we can give this gentleman a boost in easing financial strain and empowering the client to push through.


Canberra ACT 2601

Clothing voucher - $20

This donation will assist the client with his general living.

Your donation is greatly appreciated - thank you for your generosity!

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