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Far North Queensland Flooding

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Bed pack - quilt, cover, sheets, pillows - double

Marvellous lady, offered a small unit, after living in a confinded hotel room without kitchen & laundry facilities

This remarkable 54 year old lady is among the many who have been displaced in Cairns following the evacuation of her community due to the severe flooding in Wujal Wujal. She is currently living in a hotel room without kitchen and laudry facilities and has taken up the offer for a one bedroom unit. She has never experienced living outside of Cape York. Now, finding herself in Cairns, she feels uncertain about where to turn for essential resources. Despite this challenge, during her initial weeks in Cairns, she has bravely endeavored to navigate the unfamilar terrain, learning what she needs to survive in this bustling city.


Cairns North QLD 4870


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