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Domestic & Family Violence

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Fuel voucher - $100

Single mum victim/survivor experience severe financial hardship

This families Mum is the definition of superwoman. She is a single mum, looking after her 5 kids while on a Centrelink payment which is their only source of income, paying the mortgage, for all the children's needs, and water damage to the home being reviewed for flood impact. They family are victim/survivors of family violence and experiencing many financial hardships and finding that the ongoing stress and trauma of the experience of family violence greatly impacting the stability of the family. This mother is doing her absolute best to make sure all the children's needs are met. On top of all the trauma, the family was in a recent car accident and need to pay a $650 excess to get the much needed car repaired. Support for groceries would really help this family to free up money that will allow mum to put aside money for the excess payment. .


Pakenham VIC 3810

Fuel voucher - $100

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Domestic & Family Violence


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