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NSW Bushfires 2023

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Hardworking Dairy farmers hit with drought, bush fires and illness one after the other

This farming couple have about 200 cows in their dairy herd. The dairy where they worked for many years got sold and the couple had to move their home and livelihood.

Since then, they have battled bush fires at Bean creek which wiped out a significant portion of their land for feed. The drought has also severely affected growth and recovery of the land. To add to that, the husband was significantly injured by an animal, meaning they've had to hire extra help in order to keep the business running while both his arms recover.

They have not been able to access much government help since the leased property had not been formally signed for. This couple have been pillars of hope to many in this region, but now it is their turn to need assistance.

They have also cared for their grandson for many years since the death of their son.


Kyogle NSW 2474


Their grandson has been living with them full time since the tragic death of his father many years ago. As their grandson is entering Year 11 now, he is needing his own laptop instead of relying on the local school computer. Any assistance with a voucher to Officeworks would be very helpful.

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NSW Bushfires 2023


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