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Far North Queensland Flooding

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Kmart voucher - $100

Family of 5 displaced by the recent floods in Wujal Wujal are residing in Cairns and seeking support for essential needs.

From being displaced by the recent flooding of Wujal Wujal, this family of 5 are currently navigating the challenges of moving into a new placement in Cairns with very limited to no supplies and belongings as their house was destroyed in the recent floodings.

Due to the damage in Wujal Wujal a lot of families are unable to access the community let alone their employment to earn money.

This family is now stretched thin financially having to spend the majority of their income to restart their life here in Cairns on personal belongings, food, taxis and buses due to having no transport.

We are asking for support to ease their burden and help them to buy the essential needs such as bedding, kitchen supplies and cleaning products they need to rebuild their home here in Cairns and regain a sense of normalcy.


Manoora QLD 4870


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